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Member/Subscriber Login-Logout Steps:

Step 1

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Step 2

In the form, enter your username and the password you set when you registered your subscription or membership. Then click on the “Log In” button.
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Step 3

After you click the “Log In” button, you will see the above notification that you are now logged in. You will now be able to access any protected content you have purchased by using the appropriate links on the main menu in the site header.

Step 4

If you have purchased the Complete ISCTR eTextBook, click “read ISCTR eTextBook” to open the eTextBook section and read the content.

Step 5

If you have purchased the 2016 ISCTR Consensus Summit videos, click “2016 Consensus Summit” to open the summit page and then click the “Watch Summit Videos” button to open the page with links to all the videos.

Step 6

When you are finished viewing your protected content, click the orange menu link (see Step 1) again, and then click on the “Logout” button.